Is your dental equipment in need of service?  - We repair all major brands.  

We're a small company, but we're dedicated, efficient and offer high quality repair service for all major brands of dental handpieces and micro motors. We understand that time is always of importance, therefore we offer prompt service and good customer support. We use the highest quality parts available, many exceeding OEM standards. Find out more...

Do you need a multifunctional instrument to test dental handpieces or micro motors? - Take a look at our dental handpiece testing device.  

Our tabletop testing unit is electronically controlled and easy to use. Equipped with manometers and flow meters for obtaining accurate measurements. Connectable to various handpieces and micro motors.

We Always Do An Estimation Before Any Repairs

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Send us your handpiece and we'll send you an estimate of the repair. We won't make any repairs until you've agreed to the quote.